Poetry: Sometimes I write words



The plates stop spinning
And fall to the cold, hard floor

Into a million tiny pieces

Unable to be repaired



To the Baby Crying in Church:

Me too.

I hear your woeful cries of exhaustion and feelings you don’t understand.
Yours is the only audible voice alongside the pray-er proclaiming goodness and victory.
And yours is the voice I choose to hear.



Voice the hurt and confusion — the longing for something beyond this moment.
The longing for something more.

Today, sweet baby, you gave voice to my prayer. In your innocence and perfection and lack of understanding, you gave voice to the cry of my heart.

Not the silver tongued words of the pray-er. Not the fear of “out there.”
The honest, plaintive cries of a soul longing for something just out of reach.

To the baby crying in church:
Thank you. Me too.


When grief came knocking, it tried to destroy me
It crept in at night
Woke me from sleep
Stole my breath
Stole my balance
Stole my safe place

Her smile, her words, her wisdom
Her presence

Since that night I’ve wondered …
Would she be proud?
Would she approve?
Would I have broken her heart?

The cruelty of grief is that it steals, but not completely
It removes, but doesn’t wash away

When grief came knocking, I was deadened to its entry
Others chose
Others witnessed
Others held
Mine but not mine
Born without life

Numbed — shut down — locked away
Not by my choice, but by the choice of others.


Yoga is balance

Not just poses on a mat

Love, peace, pain, joy, fear

Each is yoga

Each is life and real and true

Goal: stay on the mat


Love brings about change

But love does not require it

Love loves us as is


The Bride and the Spirit say Come

To the feast

The joy

The light and life and eternity.

You are Pure.  Holy.

Without shame, fear, or hesitation,


Come to a life where love knows no end

Where the Beginning and the End are the same

Where Peace beyond understanding and Grace unending say

“Well done.

“Well done.

“Well done.”

You are clean

You are whole

The Bride and the Spirit say Come


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